Storied Lives: What We Are

     Storied Lives developed out of a class assignment in which members of our group were tasked with improving humanity's common life in some nebulous, abstract way. Based on the premises that critical life lessons can be learned from the stories and experiences of older generations and that many of these lessons are never recorded, the members of our group chose develop a project in which we would attempt to archive and share the stories of senior citizens in our area. In doing so, members of our group hoped to inspire others to consider recording their own grandparents' life stories and spark intergenerational communication.

     In an attempt to construct a question list that would be sufficiently in-depth to capture the stories of the individuals involved, our group developed the following list of questions. Please feel free to use our interview guide as a template for interviews with your own grandparents or family friends.


We can also be found on Twitter @storiedlivesunl or on Facebook at

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